Well, u know, there are two types tragedies in life. one is not getting what you want, the other is getting it. Long way to go.

10 Stages Of Love


Being the lovesick person I am, I just needed to get these off my chest.  There’s no need to say anything else here, just the reasons why I’m crazily in love. Self-explanatory. 

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Don’t Fall In Love With A Poet


it’s a long
road back
from the
bottomless pits
that are our
hearts, but
if you should
happen to
be swept up
by the dry river-
beds of our veins,
don’t hold your
breath in the
as you drown in
violet nights;

you’ll miss the
the taste of Pluto’s
lonely pulse rever-
berating through
our souls.


Benjamin Watson has visual jokes about Joe Flacco’s contract


We woke up this morning and he ran us a bubble bath, washed my hair and spent the rest of the day looking after me, wiping my tears and cuddling watching all the princess diaries (despite the fact that he hates any form of chick flick) in attempt to cheer me up.
He is my reason to keep going and…

Ryan Gosling called me like 8 weeks before we started shooting and said ‘Hey D. Let’s have the most tattoos in movie history in this one.’ I said ‘Okay. You want tattoos.’ He said ‘Yeah. And, I want a face tattoo.’ I said ‘Sure you want a face tattoo? That’s really permanent.’ He says ‘Yeah. And, it’s gonna be a dagger and it’s gonna be dripping blood.’ And I said ‘If I was your parent I’d say don’t get a face tattoo. You’re gonna regret it. But, you’re a big boy. You do whatever you wanna do.’

Flash-forward 8 weeks later, we’re shooting, first day of shooting. Ryan comes up to me at lunch and says ‘Hey D. I think I went too far with the face tattoo. I think we should reshoot all the stuff we did.’ And, I said ‘That’s what happens with the face tattoo. You regret it, and now you’re stuck with it. We’re not gonna reshoot anything. You’re gonna live with it for the rest of this movie.’ What it created in him was this shame. He was ashamed of himself. He had a regret and walked into every scene with that regret.

There’s a moment when he goes into this church and he sees his family. He sees Mahershala Ali, Eva Mendes, and Tony Pizza who plays the baby getting baptized, and the whole city of Schenectady is there watching this baptism. And, here we’re doing this shot of Ryan who’s trapped in a corner, he’s a marked man. He can’t fit in. And… he just broke down. Ryan broke down. As his friend I wanted to stop the filming, give my friend a hug. But, it was also what the process had done. He didn’t know where it came from. It just came. I like filming behavior. I’m working with some of the greatest actors of all-time in this movie and they’ll do fine without my process. They proved it time and time again. But, for my process I like setting it up, so they don’t have to act, so they just have to behave. - Derek Cianfrance(x)


The Magic Realism of Norwegian Nights, by the ridiculously talented Simon Norfolk.


Are you ready for an awesomely sweet treat? (The correct response is: “Always!”)

Brooks, aka RecipeBoy, created Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cup-Stuffed Oreos for Picky Palate’s baby shower.

Click here for the complete recipe and a few more mouthwatering photos.

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Na, ich weiß halt noch nicht…


Na, ich weiß halt noch nicht…